Reading - We are going to read our first class novel, "Freckle Juice", in which the students will learn to recognize a character's traits and how they affect the way the story will go. The students will also learn to write their first summary.
     Writing - Most weeks, the students will be introduced to a weekly vocabulary word, also known as a "Buzz Word". This week's word is ability. The students will identify its meaning and be able to use it in a prompt that will be due on Thursday. We will work on the organization and writing of the prompt in class for the first few weeks
     Spelling - The list of words this week include words that begin with the blends thr, scr, and str. A test will be given each Friday assessing the students' knowledge of the week's words.
MATH - We are starting off the year reviewing geometry terms. The easiest terms being point, line, line segment, and ray. As the week progresses, we will be able to identify the different kinds of angles and move into identifying the different kinds of quadrangles.
RELIGION - The week ahead has us learning about the Incarnation of Jesus, the Holy Trinity, and our call to be disciples of Jesus. Discussions and hands-on projects will help to make these topics more relevant to our students.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We are learning basic geography terms as we work our way to learning about the regions of the United States. Some of the ideas that will be mentioned this week will be the continents, oceans, intermediate and cardinal directions, and global and relative locations.