The first chapter in our text has emphasized discipleship and getting to know more about Jesus. We are reviewing and preparing for the end of the chapter review. By week's end we will begin our study of the Beatitudes.
     Reading - We are in the process of completing our first class novel, "Freckle Juice". It was an easy read, but we will use the simplicity of this book to learn how to write a summary.
     Writing - The Buzz Word for the week is "treacherous". The prompt that will be assigned for this word is: "Would you ever participate in a treacherous sport or activity?" We will go over the writing process in class and the final copy will be due on Thursday.
     Spelling - This week's words contain the silent letter combinations kn, wr, and mb. The weekly spelling packet is due on Friday. 
     We are continuing our geometry study, focusing on quadrangles and their various characteristics and properties. We will also learn to use a compass to make concentric circles and other circle constructions.
     Before we begin our study of the five regions of the United States, we will learn about the various landforms that make up the surface of the U.S.. We will use Model Magic to make an elevation map of the landforms we have learned about.