The students will continue to work with compasses and straightedges to make circle, hexagon, and triangle constructions. We are planning on a unit test next Tuesday(9/15). A study guide will be sent home on Friday to help you review.
      This week the Beatitudes will be the focus of our religion classes. The students will learn about the Beatitudes, as well as understand how to live them. They will also be required to memorize the Beatitudes .
      The students will get a chance to use the laptops to find information about the Statue of Liberty.  We will also put names to the landforms we made in our clay elevation maps, as well as learn about their characteristics.
      READING - We will finish writing a summary of "Freckle Juice", before we begin our novel, "Stone Fox". Our emphasis will be to recognize the character traits of the main characters and also compare and contrast them to each other.
      WRITING - We will not have a "Buzzword" this week, but the writing of our summary will keep us busy. When our summary is complete, we plan on working on some fun writing activities at the end of the week.
      SPELLING - This week all our words will make the k or f sounds. Be sure to study with your child a little each evening.