RELIGION - We are using our religion time to focus on the Pope's visit to the United States. We are sharing information that may help the children connect to something they may hear on the news as they are passing through for a snack. We will also finish our work on the beatitudes for the test that we will have on Friday.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We are reviewing a lot of general information about the United States, as we prepare for our first Social Studies test. The students are always shocked by the length of this test and tend to become over anxious. It should go well for most because the material has been repeated over and over in class several times. Through the remainder of the week, we will learn about the cultural diversity that makes up the United States.
MATH - Our focus this week will be to recognize the place value of numbers in the millions. We should be able to read and write these rather large numbers with ease. We will also learn to recognize the landmark words, such as maximum, minimum, mode, range and median, when talking about a set of data.
     READING - We are midway through "Stone Fox" realizing the purpose of each character and  also understanding the affects the setting has on the outcome of the story.
     WRITING - Our "Buzz Word" this week is perplexed. The students are working on a prompt which tells about a time they were perplexed.
They will probably have a lot to talk about!
     SPELLING - The students are working with words that end with the suffixes er and est. They will be working with words that often change from their original base word.