RELIGION - This week our focus will be on sin.  We will learn ways that we sin by what we do and don't do. There will be a retake on the Beatitude Test this Thursday for those students who didn't do so well.
MATH - Our quest this week, has us reviewing some ways to add multi-digit numbers. We expose the students to different possibilities of solving problems in order to maybe find a way that helps them to connect to the process more easily. Some of the methods are helpful  and encourage solving problems mentally.   
SOCIAL STUDIES - This week we are concentrating on patriotism and the three branches of government. We will work on the lap tops to research
some of the symbols of patriotism. Another project that we will begin this week is our drawing of the three government buildings. Very impressive to see!
     READING - Our intention is to finish "Stone Fox". We have spent time analyzing the characters and the setting. Now we focus on the sequence of events that have built the story.
     WRITING - Our "Buzz Word" this week is repulsive. The prompt will be one in which the students will convince their reader to believe that a snake is or is not a repulsive creature.
     SPELLING - This week is a review week. There are words that are taken from our previous five lessons. Therefore, all students should get an A on their spelling test!