RELIGION - We will be spending a lot of time researching and writing about the saints we have been assigned. At this point we are researching information from books and internet resources. It is definitely okay to help them to find information on their particular saint. Help them find things that are somewhat easy for them to understand. When we think we have read and gathered enough information, we will begin writing the paragraphs for our reports. There is a definite outline we will be following, as we progress through this process.
MATH - Focus will be on memorizing the multiplication facts 0-12. It is important to know these facts with an immediate response. Knowing  the multiplication facts verbatim will help the process as we learn to multiply and divide multi-digit number
SOCIAL STUDIES - We are reviewing for the Chapter 2 Test and will start learning about the Northeast region.
     READING - Our newest class novel is "Because of Winn Dixie". As we read about the adventures of a friend and her dog, we will learn to recognize the themes within a story.
     SPELLING - Our word list contains words that have double letters. Some are easy, and of course some are rather difficult to spell. Be sure to study with your student some each evening.
     WRITING - Our buzz word this week is "cantankerous". The prompt will be : How do you feel when you are around a cantankerous person? The prompt will be due on Friday.