The students are fervently working on their saint reports. Many are still researching to find out all they can about their assigned saints. Others are diligently using the knowledge they have acquired to write a well informed report on their saints. It is our intent to have the saint reports totally completed by early next week. Don't forget the second part of the saint project is to make a shield representing  a particular saint's life. This is due on Monday, November 2. The fourth grade students will share their prized shields at Mass next Thursday, November 5.
     We are practicing our multiplication facts repeatedly to recognize them immediately, hence the weekly timed tests. Study facts a little each day!
We will also learn to measure air distance and we will practice solving word problems for the remainder of the week.
     Our focus for the next couple of weeks will be on the Northeast region. We have made states and capital cards to use as study tools. Our newest endeavor is to learn how to outline facts from our textbook. We are learning about the geography and climate of the northeast region this week.
     READING - We are reading our way through Winn Dixie and learning how the main characters have influenced the way the story is progressing.
     WRITING - The Buzzword this week is "fortitude", significant as we research the lives of the saints. The prompt will be , "When will a person need to show fortitude and explain why."
     SPELLING - Our spelling list contains words using the many spellings for the short and long e sounds.