The students did a great job last week at mass. They were able to get up in front of the congregation and report one fact about the saint they researched with confidence. With the saint reports completed, we are back in our text books. We are discussing the word conscience and understanding that we were given this gift of conscience to know the difference between right and wrong, good and evil. Some of our fourth graders graciously volunteered to color Veteran Coloring books which will be given to the veteran residents of The Laurels in Milford.
     We are continuing our study of the Northeast. We have completed written outlines about the geography, climate, and natural resources of the Northeast. We did illustrative outlining about the early history of the Northeast. Next we will make posters to show the growth that occurred in the Northeast.
     Math is requiring more intense thought. We are working with true and false number sentences, solving equations with parentheses, and solving open number sentences. Don't forget to practice multiplication facts each evening!
     READING - We are about halfway through "Because of Winn Dixie". Characters are an important part of this book. As the characters grow and become more apart of the story, we will be analyzing the traits and personality of each. We will also discuss the importance each character has in building the main character's person.
     WRITING -  Our "Buzzword" this week is diligent. The prompt is : Describe the study habits of a diligent student trying to make the second trimester more successful.
     SPELLING - I am expecting high grades on the spelling test this week. The list of words contain the long sounds of a,i, and o and they are not exceptionally challenging.