We will review the sacrament of Reconciliation and learn about
God's forgiveness and everlasting love.
     We are learning how the Northeast progressed into modern times with the help of student presentations. Each group was responsible for constructing a poster to inform about their given topic. The students are in the process of sharing their information to the rest of the class. Our next endeavor will be to learn about the individual states of the Northeast.
     After the completion of our test on Wednesday, we will begin identifying decimals through the thousandths place. We will also learn to                                
compare and order decimals smallest to largest, as well as read and write them correctly.
     READING - We are hoping to complete "Because of Winn Dixie" before the Thanksgiving break. As we near the conclusion of the book, we are learning stories in the characters' lives that changed them forever. The students will have a chance to analyze each character and reflect how their life situations have changed them.
     WRITING - The "Buzzword" this week is efficient. The prompt is: What is the most efficient way to handle your busy evenings?
      SPELLING - It's a review! All children are expected to get a 100%