Hopefully everyone has played, relaxed and rested over the recent holiday break. Believe it or not, we are only two weeks away from completing the first half of the school year. If the second half flies by as quickly as the first did, we need to surge ahead and get busy! There is still a lot to learn before we pass these current children on to fifth grade.
RELIGION - We have begun our study of Moses' plight to protect the Israelites and how he was chosen to expose his people to the Ten Commandments. The fourth grade will study each commandment to know and understand what they must do to follow the laws of God.
MATH - As we ease ourselves back into school mode, our goals in math this week are to be able to read, write and understand decimals through the thousandths place. We will also learn to convert millimeters to centimeters and centimeters to meters. We are expecting to complete Unit 4 this week and we are anticipating a test will be scheduled for next Tuesday. We will send a study guide home on Friday.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We are outlining sections about the southeast to learn about the land, its climate and its natural resources. Outlining helps the students to recall information we have discussed in class.
     READING - Up to this point, we have been reading class novels that have been realistic fiction. This week we introduced the fantasy genre, helping the students recognize the characteristics of such writings.
     ENGLISH -  The "buzzword" this week is tedious. The prompt that will reiterate its meaning is: Tell about a tedious task that you were asked  to complete at home. The prompt will be due on Thursday, but could be pushed to Friday if we don't  get time to complete our rough draft.
    SPELLING - The words this week are plurals using s, es, or ies endings. Please take time to study with your children, the words are harder than usual.