In an effort to show our parents and other visitors what we are learning in class, we are working very hard on projects that will be displayed at our Open House, Jan. 31.
RELIGION - We are working on a poster that is reflecting our understanding of the Great Commandment. As we learn about the first commandment and how it is important to love God above all things, we will research a few saints and act out a particular event in the life of that saint to emphasize their love of God.
MATH - Multiplication of multi-digit numbers will be the focus of our math classes until most of the students have a clear understanding of its process. Studying of the facts is very important. It will help your child to stress less  as we learn how to multiply. We will teach a variety of methods, hoping to find a way which is easiest for each student. parents, don't be alarmed by the different strategies and don't try to teach your way, it only causes major confusion.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We will continue our study of the Southeastern States by making a booklet that will show the difference between the Atlantic States, the Gulf States, and the Inland States. The finished product will be on display at Open House.
     READING - We are in the process of reading "The Tale of Despereaux". The goals associated with this novel are to be able to identify the various themes, know the characteristics of a fantasy, and recognize character traits of the main characters. Each student should be reading a book of their choice and working on three assignments from the tic-tac-toe sheet. The reading assignments are due Thursday, January 28.
     SPELLING - Our spelling words are contractions this week. Please study so you know where the apostrophe goes.
     ENGLISH - This week our "Buzzword" is adventurous. We will not have a prompt, like normal, but since we have our winter writing assessment, we will use the word adventurous in that writing assignment. It will be a short impromptu 15 minute writing.