Are your children coming home more tired than usual? We are working them very hard this week, trying to make our deadline by the end of the week.  In each class, we have been working on a special assignment, beyond our normal classwork, to share with the general public and to boast our accomplishments for Open House.
     RELIGION - The students have made a poster to reflect their understanding of the Great Commandment. In celebration of Catholic Schools Week, the fourth grade's part is to present the word "Apolstolic. We will be making pope hats showing symbols from their assigned pope's shield.
     READING - We have been reading "The Tale of Despereaux" in class. We are retelling the story through illustrations for each chapter. When all is said and done a picture book will be completed.
     WRITING AND MATH - The students are writing a story and incorporating at least five examples of math throughout their story.
     SOCIAL STUDIES - Each student is responsible for a booklet about the Southeast states. They are finding fun facts about each state.
     SCIENCE - The students have researched a famous scientist and did a report explaining the contributions and inventions of that scientist.
Please try to make an effort to come on Sunday, January 31 to see all the finished products. Your child has been working too hard. It's a must see!