A touch of spring, a full moon, and students full of energy! Is this a good combination? We still have much to learn!
RELIGION - We are completing our study of the second commandment, understanding what our job is to follow this commandment. As we begin the third commandment, we will be working on a project that will help us memorize the commandments in their word for word form, and  will also help us to interpret and understand how to live the ten commandments appropriately.
MATH - Long division is in our near future. In order to help the division process, the students need to know their multiplication facts with an immediate response. Knowing the basic facts will ease the difficulty of the division process. Each evening the students need to go on Moby Max and practice the facts for ten to fifteen minutes. Constant review and repetition are the keys to helping your child memorize the multiplication facts. Please Help!
SOCIAL STUDIES - We are about to begin our study of Ohio History! It's a long term project that will sharpen our research skills, teach us time management, and help us gain knowledge about the state we live in. There will be a Midwest States and Capitals Test this Friday, as well as an open book test, assessing the students' knowledge of the Midwest.
LANGUAGE ARTS - Our intended goal is to finish "The Tale of Despereaux" by week's end. Like with past class novels, we watch the movie associated with the book and compare and contrast the different events in each. The spelling list is fairly easy this week. There should be a lot of As on the weekly test. The "Buzzword" is conform.The prompt this week is, "When is it good to not conform?"
Don't forget the reading tic-tac-toe activities are due on Monday, February 29th!