The weeks are flying past faster than we can grasp! There is still much to accomplish before we pass these children on to fifth grade!
RELIGION - We are learning and reflecting about The Stations of the Cross, so that we are prepared to present the stations to grades K-5 next Thursday. Be sure to make arrangements to come and see the fourth grade's interpretation of The Stations of the Cross, next Thursday at 2:30 in church. It is a very moving and inspirational experience.
MATH - We are learning to measure angles with a half circle protractor and we are also learning to grid coordinate points. If all goes as expected, we are hoping to have a math test on Friday.
SOCIAL STUDIES - The students are handling the pressures of Ohio History quite well. This week we will learn about all the Indian tribes that inhabited Ohio over a long period of time. Hopefully, all are working on their Ohio President report, which is due on Friday, March 18.
LANGUAGE ARTS - We have began our study of historical fiction with the book "Sarah Plain and Tall". We will most likely finish the book by week's end. The spelling list this week are all review words. Hopefully, most will not have to study as much. The Buzzword this week is "scrumptious" and the prompt will be - Describe what a scrumptious dessert might be like. Tell what it looks like, how it tastes,and how it smells.