As the weeks pass, and we get closer to the end of the year, the interest level begins to dwindle for some. Our expectations remain high and we will strive to accomplish as much as possible from now until the end of the year.
RELIGION - The Fourth Commandment is up for discussion this week. We will learn that we rely on many people for different things and it is important that all those people who make a difference in our lives be respected.
MATH - We are working with pattern blocks to learn about fractions. As we get more proficient we will also use the pattern blocks to begin learning how to add fractions together. This chapter often becomes challenging for some of the students, so be available to assist when needed.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We are learning about the historic Indian tribes of Ohio and will soon move into the struggles that led to the statehood of Ohio. Please be aware that the next report is due April 15th. The students have the choice of choosing a written report or an oral report about a famous Ohioan.
LANGUAGE ARTS - The next genre we are reading is historical fiction. There will be a couple of books going on in each room. It is possible that some 4A and 4B students could be mixed together. Our "Buzzword" this week is spontaneous. The prompt is: Do you like spontaneous decisions? Why or why not? To expand on our writing abilities, the fourth grade will begin  writing a collection of different kinds of poetry. Who knows our students may be renowned poets someday!