RELIGION  - Some of the students are preparing a short skit to teach others about the Ten Commandments, especially the fourth commandment, Honor Your Father and Mother. The Fifth Commandment  will be tabled for discussion to talk about how we are called to be peacemakers and preservers of life.
MATH - We've been working on fractions, using pattern blocks to show how different combinations can be used to make the same fraction. We are working very basically on how to add and subtract fractions.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We are learning about early exploration by the European nations and how the European settlement affected Native Americans.
Don't forget the Famous Ohioan Report is due on Friday, April 15.
LANGUAGE ARTS - All the students seem to be enjoying the book they are reading in class. We have four historical fiction novels being read. They all have similar plots involving families settling in new locations and dealing with the hardships that come with newly developed settlements. Our "Buzzword" this week is heirloom. Its corresponding prompt is "What do you own that you might like to pass on as an heirloom? We are working on our first piece of our poetry collection, our I Spy rhyming poem. The children are doing a fantastic job!