RELIGION - We are finishing up the sixth commandment and moving on to the seventh. All students should be able to recognize that honesty is the best way to go!
SOCIAL STUDIES - We are approaching the end of Ohio History, which means that any unfinished worksheets should have been handed in by now. Several students have many unfinished papers to be handed in still. Please note that the Ohio Brochure is due this Friday. There will be a big test next Tuesday on things we have learned about Ohio. Students need to go over their worksheets, notes and outlines to help them study.
MATH - We have been working with fractions, finding a part of a whole, making equivalent fractions, comparing and ordering  and now making spinners to find what fraction of the time a spinner will land on a certain color.  A Test will be given on the skills we learned in Chapter 7 this Thursday, April 28.