I hope all families celebrated the out-going of summer and the presence of school schedules, homework, and learning! The students are slowly letting go of their summer dreams and realizing that it is time to get to work! I am looking forward to meeting all of you at our annual "Meet the Teacher" night. Mrs. Schweickart and myself will present together to share our expectations for your child's fourth grade year.
READING -  Our plan for the week has us finishing "Freckle Juice". We will learn to look for evidence  that supports the list of character traits we have claimed for each of the characters. A group project will take place after we have gathered the evidence.
WRITING - The students will be introduced to their first vocabulary word also known as our "buzzword". Each week the students will be given a prompt with a theme having to do with the vocab word. That will usually be due on Thursday of each week. The first several will be worked on in class, in an attempt to build strong writing skills. The "buzzword" for the week is ability. The prompt is: What abilities do you need to be a successful student?
SPELLING - There will be no spelling packet this week due to a short week, "Meet the Teacher" on Thursday, and mainly because we're focusing on writing the first prompt for our "Buzzword".
RELIGION - We learned about Mother Teresa becoming St. Teresa of Calcutta and the long process that is taken to declare someone a saint. We are finishing the chapter helping us to realize our need to respond as a disciple and spread the Good News. We will take the chapter test on Thursday. No need to worry, the students are able to use their book.
SOCIAL STUDIES - This week we will learn about the landforms that are throughout the United States, from the east coast to the west coast. Near week's end we will make an elevation map to show the difference of the landforms in elevation, using Model Magic.
MATH - We've actually been working on solving a problem that has variables. The fourth grade is learning to solve algebra problems!
We will also review adding three-digits with regrouping.