It was great meeting many of you at Meet the Teacher Night last Thursday. If there are ever any questions that come to mind, please feel free to ask. Please know that we are in a partnership when it comes to our children!
The week ahead looks to be another busy one!
RELIGION - The students will learn about the Beatitudes and understand what it is that we can do as disciples of Jesus to make others happy.
READING - We will begin reading our next class novel, "Stone Fox". It is a realistic fiction, depicting the lives of a grandfather and grandson and the strong relationship they have built with each other. We will continue to recognize the character traits that the author has given these characters. We will also make comparisons, text to self, text to text, and text to world.
WRITING - Our "Buzzword" this week is "treacherous". The prompt that we will be working on is: "What treacherous activity would you like to try someday?"
SPELLING - The spelling list this week includes many words using kn, mb, gn, and wr combinations. Please review six or seven words each evening. It will certainly help when the students take their spelling test on Friday.
MATH - This week we will check to see how strong the students are at adding and subtracting with regrouping. We will practice these skills intensely to strengthen and master.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We will finish our elevation maps of the United States in hopes that the students have a better understanding of the landforms that make up the terrain from east to west. We will also learn about the various weather and climate conditions that are found in the different regions of the U.S..