Reading - Throughout the week we will continue to read "Stone Fox" and do activities related to the characters, setting, and sequence of events. As we read through this book, the students will be asked to make connections and write about them from time to time. They are also using the laptops to look up background knowledge to deepen their understanding of the story.
Spelling -
Our words this week  include the /k/ and /f/ sounds. The most recent spelling test looks a whole lot better grade wise than the previous one. It's good to see so much improvement from one test to another.
Writing -
The "Buzzword" this week is rickety and its prompt is: Describe something that you have seen that is rickety.
RELIGION -  Our focus this week is to complete our study of the Beatitudes, as well as complete a project that will reflect the students understanding. 4B is also responsible for Mass this week, Wednesday, at 9:00 a.m.
MATH - We are moving through the lessons very quickly and doing quite well
with new concepts. Some of the topics we're about to tackle this week are expanded form, addition of three multi-digit numbers, temperature and elapsed time. I think we'll breeze right through!
SOCIAL STUDIES -  In the beginning of the week, we will be reviewing for our Chapter 1 Test , which will be on Wednesday. We are working on study packets in class, which can be reviewed at night. Help your child to review, please! Through the rest of the week we will take a look at how immigrants came to the United States and settled in rural, urban, and suburban areas.