The weather is finally breaking and the students have a little more pep in their step and less cobwebs in the brain. The cooler weather has awaken the tribes! Just in time to start the week that will keep them busy again!
Reading - We are still reading "Stone Fox" and enjoying the storyline. Since the story includes a dog race, the students have been researching the facts about The Iditarod Race that takes place annually. They will use the information they have gathered and the facts that were presented in the story to make a flyer to advertise the race in the book. The flyer is due this Friday. I have to say their research skills are much better than I ever expected.
Writing - The "Buzzword" this week is perplexed. The prompt that will accompany this week's vocab word is: "What are some good strategies that will help you when you are perplexed ?"
Spelling - Our  words this week will have -ed and -ing endings. It should be somewhat easy because we practiced this skill a couple weeks ago in our Writers Workbook.
RELIGION - This week we will finish our study of the Beatitudes.  We have learned the many ways our lives can be full by living the Beatitudes as our example.The project we have been working on will also be fully completed by Friday.
MATH - We will take a benchmark test assessing how well the students are progressing thus far. The rest of the week will feature measuring activities, with a classroom scavenger hunt at the end of the week.
SOCIAL STUDIES - This week our studies take us back to the times when immigrants were flocking into America. We will learn where they first arrived and how they dispersed through rural, urban, and suburban areas. They will also learn about the three branches of government and draw the White House, the Capitol building and the Supreme Court building.