4B has a new alias name for the next two weeks. We are known as the Soda Surfers for the upcoming Fun Run. Our incentives for our fundraiser include sitting where you want in class, crazy hat and sock day, a week without a prompt or a spelling packet, and if our goal is met, the students will get to watch a movie with popcorn.
     Reading - We are working on some culminating activities for "Stone Fox". The students are working with partners to create a poster about the chapter they have been assigned. They will also extend the story of "Stone Fox" by writing a final chapter to add to Little Willy's adventures. Later in the week, the students will compare and contrast the book and movie versions.
     Writing - The "Buzzword" this week is repulsive. Its corresponding prompt is:  Explain why something might be repulsive. I can't wait to read these prompts this week! No telling what might be considered repulsive with a class that is majority boys.
     Spelling - The spelling list this week contains words that are in the comparative and superlative forms.
MATH - This week we will practice making triangles and rectangles with straight edges. We will learn to use a compass to make circles with given diameters and radii and we will finish the week practicing subtracting with regrouping.
RELIGION - We have finished our study of the Beatitudes and are scheduled for a test on Wednesday.  Through the remainder of this week we will focus our study on the different kinds of sin and act out the popular story of the Good Samaritan.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We will learn a little about the U.S. government, its three branches and also some basic economy.