This week we celebrate Everybody Counts.  It sounds as if the parent volunteers have worked very hard preparing for this week, so that our students are able to recognize these disabilities and accept those people as one of God's children. 
We are now reading "Frindle", a realistic fiction, which is about a fifth grade student who proves that the dictionary is a tool that can still be added to. We have been working with different concepts throughout the book. For example we have worked recognizing metaphors and similes, practicing our dictionary skills, understanding how humor can be a factor and of course, recognizing character traits.
The students have had a little reprieve on writing weekly prompts, but I'm sure they can't wait to get started again!
Our buzz word is "Defiant". The prompt connected to this word is:  When is it okay to be defiant?
If you think you are seeing double, you are! Our spelling words this week contain double consonants.
MATH - The concepts have not been overwhelmingly difficult, but the students are not taking their time and they are not checking to make sure their answer makes sense. Please check and make them redo to understand their mistakes.
RELIGION - Throughout this entire week, we will devote our religion time to finding out information about the saint that each child has been assigned and working on a report that will reflect an understanding of the saint that was researched.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We are beginning our study of the northeast region. We will learn about the geography and the early history of the northeast. In order to understand each lesson more fully, we are going to start outlining. We will do it as a class, and gradually they will learn to do it on their own.