There is never a dull moment in fourth grade. It seems we are always busy, barely taking a breath in between classes.
     READING - We've been reading the novel  "Frindle". We have been working on many skills that have been prevalent  within the text. We've spent some time on similes, metaphors, idioms, cause and effect, and fact and opinion. Of course we also have been working on comprehension skills and being able to identify the main characters, the setting and recognizing the sequence of events.DE
      WRITING - Our "buzzword" this week will be fortitude. The prompt for the week is :  When would it be good to  show that you have fortitude?
RELIGION - I must congratulate the students on their strong efforts in producing saint shields of exemplary quality. They all were able to get up and speak confidently about the saint they researched. We are nearing completion of the actual saint report and again I am very pleased with the results, thus far. 
MATH - We have been spiraling through many mathematical concepts, but the skills reviewed this week will be reading and writing large numbers, learning what a mixed number is and understanding that dollar and cents can be converted into a mixed number.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We have been learning about the election process, from the act of deciding if to run to inauguration day. We will have a mini mock election in class by secret ballot to teach them  what election day involves.  We will continue to learn more about the Northeast region.