The weeks and months are passing by quicker than I can imagine. Thanksgiving is only a memory and Christmas is pounding on our doors. It's that time of year when the fourth grade is very busy preparing for the annual production of "On Our Way to Bethlehem". Mark your calendars for this joyous event for December 13, at 7:00 p.m.
RELIGION - Throughout December, we will be hearing bible stories that reflect the timeline that lead to the coming of Jesus. We will make symbols to symbolize those stories and add them to our Jesse Tree each day.  We will also take time to review the liturgical calendar and learn about the seasons that the Church celebrates.
MATH - This week in math, we will review subtracting with zeros, estimating and rounding numbers, adding and subtracting decimals, and introducing the multiplication of multi-digit numbers. The multiplication could be a difficult concept for some.
READING - We are beginning our next novel "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever"  so the students have something to relate to as they get ready for their own Christmas Show. The main focus of this novel is to watch the growth of the characters from beginning to end.
SPELLING - We are reviewing this week with 20 words from the last five lessons and also adding some frequently misspelled words to the list.
WRITING - The "Buzzword" this week is efficient. The prompt to enhance the understanding of this word is: "What is the most efficient way to handle your busy evenings?"
SOCIAL STUDIES - We will finish our studies of the northeast region this week. We  will review all the facts that we learned, review the states and capitals of the northeast, and work on a small culminating project. Each student will be responsible for making a state plate that represents the interesting facts they learned about their assigned state. A test will be in order around next Tuesday!