The new year already has us rolling up our sleeves and digging our heels in to be productive students, to learn to the best of our abilities.
     Reading - Our newest class novel, "Stuart Little" is an old classic written by E.B. White. The students are learning to identify the qualities of a fantasy. We are learning the differences between realistic and imaginary and the methods that an author will use to make a story somewhat real and entertaining using imaginary characters. The use of a dictionary and looking up unfamiliar words is a skill we have been practicing.
      Writing - The "Buzzword" this week is "anticipate". The prompt is,
"How do you anticipate you would feel if you would meet your hero?"
We are still working on paragraph form, deciding what kind of topic sentence will stir an interest with the reader and how we will develop that paragraph with lots of details that will compliment the topic sentence.
     Spelling - The words this week look easy enough, but unfortunately they are words that could be spelled incorrectly if the speller is not totally focused. Be sure to encourage your child(ren) to get on Spelling City to review their words.
RELIGION - We are beginning our study of the Ten Commandments and Moses' journey with the Israelites. We will read excerpts from the bible and learn the process in looking up those verses.
MATH - In the coming days, we will practice adding and subtracting four or five digit numbers and we will also learn to divide numbers with remainders. The challenges are slowly being introduced so the children are not overwhelmed by new concepts.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We are studying the geography of the southeast, including its climate and its resources. The students are working on state projects that are filled with lots of information. The information is being compiled and organized in lap folders.