WEEK OF JAN. 30 - FEB. 3

Thanks to all who attended our Open House. The students were eager to show off all their hard work. I have to say I was quite proud of them!
This week we will attempt to get back to our normal schedule, but there are some special activities as part of our schedule that may hinder significant progress!
     Reading - We are about to begin our next class novel, "The Tale Of Despereaux".  It is another fantasy in which a tiny little mouse impacts so many lives within the castles' walls. The focus will be to realize that all the characters do not follow the same path and that they also have different points of view.
     Writing - We will begin using Google Docs and Google Classroom to write our rough draft of the prompt. The students will share their writings with me and I will be able to make suggestions to make their writings better. They will edit and adjust their rough draft by adding new information, deleting unnecessary words and making changes to make their prompt more interesting.
     Spelling - The list is all review words this week. It should be an easy time studying!
RELIGION - We have learned a little about each commandment. Now we are going to concentrate on the first commandment and understand its content and what we can do to live that commandment .
MATH - We are going to learn to compare fractions. Are they smaller, greater, or equal in size? We will attempt to also  order fractions from least to greatest. We will end the week with multiplying three digit numbers!
SOCIAL STUDIES - We will review this week and try to correlate everything we've learned about the southeast , in preparation for a test to be given early next week. Don't forget that the southeast states and capitals will also be included on the test!