We're nearing the end of the second trimester and many children are in need of scissors, glue, pencils and colored pencils or markers. Please check with your children to see if they need any school supplies to get them through the rest of the year.  
We are in the midst of reading "The Tale of Despereaux". The girls are enjoying the story of royalty in a castle with kings, queens, and princesses, while the boys are enjoying the parts about the rats in the dungeon. It's nice to see that they all are enjoying the book and are joyous when we take time to read it. We will spend some time acting out significant parts of this book to help us comprehend the story better and to share our dramatic talents.
The students have been reading silently for 10 minutes each day in preparation for their first attempts at some kind of book report assignment. They have been given a TicTacToe reading assignment where they will choose three activities in a row to do about the book they have read. The first three activities will be due Tuesday, February 28.
There is a spelling packet this week that will be due on Thursday. Due to the short week, we will not have a "Buzzword Prompt" this week.
 Learning about the Second Commandment and how we can live it is on the agenda for the week. We will emphasize the importance of the word "God"
and learn the need to respectfully use it.
We just learned how to display data in a pictograph, a bar graph, a line graph, and a circle graph. Our next challenges will be to multiply three digits
together and understand the purpose of exponents.
We have begun our study of the Midwest Region. The students will be assigned a state from the Midwest to research for their next regional project.
We will learn about the region's geography, climate and natural resources. Ohio History is just around the corner!