It's hard to believe that we have completed two-thirds of the school year already! It's at this time of year where we are teaching new things constantly and the intenseness of difficulty has increased. Those who used to find everything easy are experiencing new challenges, while those who were already having difficulty are facing bigger challenges.
In Math, our main challenge is learning the long division process. It will get easier as we take more time to practice in class.
In Language Arts, we are expecting their writings to be more polished and filled with more content. Many students are resisting, just because it's more time consuming. Reading novels requires students to read between the lines and make inferences about the characters and the plot of the story. Answers to comprehension questions need to be more detailed and less simplistic.
In Social Studies and Science, it's time for students to build on previous facts making connections and expanding their knowledge.
At this point in fourth grade, we're taking steps to prepare them for fifth grade. It's time for them to accept the challenge and to think and make decisions on their own. As fourth graders, they are responsible for managing their time to get things finished. It's time for them to do things on their own without parental pushing.