It seems every week just flies by leaving us standing in our own storm of dust. There is still so much to do!
The Iowa Standardized Tests are happening next week. We will start Monday,March13 and end by Friday, March 17. We are scheduled to test an hour to an hour and a half each morning. Please make sure your child gets plenty of rest and is fed a nourishing breakfast each morning. We have been preparing for these tests by practicing test taking strategies in reading and  math. The students have actually been doing fairly well with the practice questions.
We have a new interest in Social Studies, that will be around for the next six weeks! It's Ohio History! It will be a quick fast paced race learning as much about Ohio as we can. In class, we will use an interactive notebook to keep track of our learnings. At home, there will be three assignments to work on, an Ohio president report, a famous Ohioan oral report, and an ABC Book about Ohio. Directions and due dates for each project will be coming home this week. Just remember, things will be FAST PACED for the next six weeks!
A few changes are taking place this week in language arts. You have probably noticed that there is no spelling packet this week. We decided to work through "Spelling City" and assign required time each evening this week. the prompt this week will be in letter form versus a paragraph. Please be advised that the March reading activities will be due Wednesday, March 29. Your child should be reading a chapter book with at least 100 pages. The Tic-Tac-Toe activities will be distributed next week.
There are no major changes for Religion and Math this week. We will continue to follow the texts and forge ahead.