It's Testing Week! We will test each morning, usually from around 9-11. Encourage your children to do their best each day! Homework load should be light all week!(perfect for working on a president report that is due on Friday)  In fact, there will be no prompt or spelling packet this week. We are doing our best to hit all subjects areas throughout this week.
RELIGION - We will be studying the fourth commandment "Honor thy father and mother". This is the one commandment that we should have studied extensively since birth, so that their school years would go more smoothly.
LANGUAGE ARTS - Miggery Sow, the third major character in Despereaux, is coming to life as we read the third section. They will learn how Despereaux, Roscurro, Miggery Sow and the Princess begin to intertwine within each others' lives. Students should be reading for their next monthly reading activities. The Tic-Tac-Toe sheet was given to the students on Friday. It will be due Wednesday, March 29.
MATH - The key words in math this week will be millimeters and fractions of a set. We may get stumped a little, but we always find our way to understanding with some patience.
SOCIAL STUDIES - Your child has received the guidelines for each of the Ohio Projects today. Help them to organize their time! We've been having fun adding information to our notebooks about Ohio. Don't forget the Ohio President report is due on Friday.