Happy Spring Everyone!
The months, weeks, and days are quickly passing us by! We have a lot to still accomplish!
RELIGION - We will finish our study of the Fourth Commandment this week! I'm sure that since the fourth graders truly understand the meaning of the Fourth Commandment now, they will be able to share their knowledge with their siblings and all be perfect children for you. On another note, it is a tradition that the fourth graders act out the Stations of the Cross. In the next few weeks, we will study each station so that the children understand the impact that Jesus made on the world. Holy Thursday is the day and the time is 12:00 in church.
MATH - We will be studying various topics this week in Math, from dividing with zeros in the answer to working with geometric transformation and finding the fraction of a set. It doesn't look like it will cause too much frustration for the students.
SOCIAL STUDIES - One project down, two to go! The students' next attempt to learn something on their own  about Ohio will be with their Famous Ohioan oral report, which is due Friday, March 31. Each day we are learning new things about Ohio. We are constantly adding information to our notebooks to help us learn and understand Ohio history.
LANGUAGE ARTS - The students are still fully engrossed in "The Tale of Despereaux" , now trying to figure out how all the main characters' thoughts and actions will come together to finish the story. Be aware that the Tic-Tac-Toe Reading activities are due on Wednesday, March 29. Students should be close to finishing their book soon.
Spelling this week includes many homophones. They will have to be familiar with each words meaning so they know which homophones are being used in a sentence.
The "Buzzword" is scrumptious. It is the students' job to portray the meaning of scrumptious in an advertisement. As you have probably noticed, we have been introducing different forms of writing to replace the normal paragraph prompts, in hopes of building an experience and knowledge of many different kinds of written communication.