It's a busy week for handing in long-term assignments. On Wednesday, March 29 , the Tic-Tac-Toe Reading assignments are due. The students have been reading their current book through the month of March and have three activities to choose from that need to be completed. Hopefully, all have managed their time to complete this project on time!
Also due this week, is The Famous Ohioan Oral Report. Students should be preparing and practicing the report for Friday's due day. All students must be prepared to present on Friday. We will not get to everyone on Friday, but we will get to everyone by Monday or Tuesday. Students have been told that they may use cards to prompt them and keep them organized, but they may not read directly from the cards. The intent is to inform their classmates of famous Ohioans, to research through various resources, and to present with confidence. Hopefully, the week will not be stressed filled, but a time to learn something new!