I hope your spring break with your children was eventful, but relaxing and I hope your Easter was holy, but memorable!
There are five weeks left to fill your children's brains with educational and inspirational thoughts to help them accept the challenges of future grades. They thought they were coming back to fun and games and little work. Much to their dismay, we are still forging ahead at full speed! There is still going to be homework responsibilities to fulfill, new books to be read, projects to be completed, tests to assess the knowledge they have achieved, and lifetime experiences to embrace!
Please be aware that the April Tic-Tac-Toe Reading Activities are Due Friday, April 28. If your child has completed this assignment, it would be wise to get them started on a mystery book, required for their May book report. Directions will be sent home on Friday. 
We just started multiplying two 2-digit numbers in math. If your child is having difficulty, please lend a helping hand!
Next week, we will have our final test for Ohio History! Students can study the content that is in their Ohio History notebook! We will be reviewing everything in class.
We have started our historical fiction books clubs this week. Each student has been assigned to one of five books to read and discuss with other students reading the same book. This is a new experience for them in hopes to encourage reading here and beyond.