The year is off to an amazing start!  All the students are energetic and quite eager to learn. We spent the first couple days learning about each other, doing fun activities that encouraged the students to interact with various classmates. Hopefully, you may have heard about our snowball fight, our experience with toothpaste and a toothpick, and our team building activity to build the highest structure using spaghetti and marshmallows. It was certainly enjoyable to watch the class work together to problem solve and interact with each other in a way that you would expect Catholic school children to act.
We have actually delved into our books to start the year rolling!
RELIGION - The main topics of discussion this week will be the Incarnation, seeing Jesus as divine and human and also discipleship, learning to recognize our duties to fulfill Jesus' wishes.
LANGUAGE ARTS - In Reading, we have started our first class novel, Freckle Juice. It is a quick read in which we will recognize some obvious character traits among the characters and there is an easy plot to follow as we make our way through the five chapters. The first spelling list could be a challenge, but
each day we use the words in activities to help them learn how to spell these words. Friday is our designated spelling test day! In English, we are working with nouns. So far, it seems to be an easy start for the students.
MATH - At the beginning of the week, we took a benchmark test to find a good starting place for our students. They did quite well, so we are starting on Lesson 11. We will be working on solving for missing numbers in addition and subtraction number sentences and by week's end we will be adding three-digit numbers.  There is no stopping these children!
SOCIAL STUDIES - Throughout the year, we will study the five regions of the United States with a side trip to learn about Ohio History. Right now we are reviewing a lot of general information and terms relating to the geography of the U.S.