I hope your Labor Day weekend was fun and relaxing. It significantly marks the end of summer freedom and the continuance of a year working with a bunch of magnificent students, who are willing to learn and absorb whatever they can each day. The week ahead is short, but busy!
RELIGION - This week we will discuss how trust in Jesus leads us to peace within ourselves and in our relations with others. The Beatitudes will be introduced and we will learn how it is our duty to treat others as Jesus would like.
MATH - The focus of this week is to review subtraction using multi-digit numbers with and without regrouping. At the end of each week, we almost always review math facts, (whether it be addition, subtraction, or multiplication) with a 3-minute timed test. The purpose is to encourage each student to work hard to improve their scores from the previous week, with speed and accuracy. As the students reach perfection in accuracy, then they will work on their speed. When a student knows the facts, it is easier for them to progress through the process of solving problems, because they're able to recall the facts quickly.
LANGUAGE ARTS - There will not be a spelling test this week, due to the short week, but we will introduce their first vocabulary word, otherwise known as a "Buzzword". With each weekly vocab word, there is a prompt assigned that will focus on different kinds of writings that will be due at the end of each week. The first "Buzzword" is ability. We will start our second class novel, "Stone Fox". This week we will focus on character traits, cause and effect, and sequence of events.
SOCIAL STUDIES - As we learn general facts about the U.S., we will spend this week learning about the various landforms that stretch from the east coast to the west coast. We will also learn the meaning of elevation and show our understanding by making an elevation map of the U.S. using modeling clay.
Have a great week!