I am looking forward to talking with all of you at "Meet the Teacher" night. Mrs. Schweickart and I will present together so you can get an overall picture of your child's year in fourth grade.
The week ahead is another busy one. We're still presenting routines and trying to establish them as we work through different areas of our curriculum. New teachers, new procedures, new routines, and new expectations will all become second nature to our students very soon. It's a slow moving process!
RELIGION - The focus this week will be the Beatitudes. It is a challenge to bring the Beatitudes down to a level in which the students can relate and understand.
MATH - We're hitting on several topics this week which are skills that have been taught in previous years, but are good to review and learn if there is complete understanding among the students. The easiest, being temperature and expanded form  and the more challenging skills focusing on adding columns with regrouping and expanded time.
LANGUAGE ARTS - This week is the first week we are having spelling and vocabulary work at the same time. Our timing is off a little because we're trying to finish our prompt from last week, before starting our new one this week. All students have signed up for Spelling City and should be working on the activities throughout the week. The "Buzzword" this week is "treacherous". We will work on a newspaper article that will report on a treacherous situation.  We are still reading "Stone Fox" and trying to relate to the hardships that Little Willy has to face. We will add a little drama to our reading activities and act out some of the scenes from the book.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We are spending a good part of our time working on our elevation maps and reviewing for our first test. The first test is always one that shocks them because it is filled with information, but it is a good learning experience that prepares them for future assessments. We will finish up the week learning about the different climates and natural resources found throughout the United States.