I am sorry for any lack of communication last week. It appears I didn't push the save button after completing my weekly blurb and therefore my information was deleted! We always tell the kids, we learn from our mistakes!
The week is a short one, but equally packed with many learning experiences!
RELIGION - We are beginning to research the saints to learn what their focus in life may have been, and what sort of experiences they encountered that led them down the path to sainthood. We will be working on the reports in class for the next couple of weeks. We will send home directions for the saint shields early next week.
MATH - We will review the properties of multiplication and begin our focus on multiplication facts to acquire sufficient speed and accuracy. Bring out those multiplication cards, dust them off and begin practicing the facts several times a week. 
LANGUAGE ARTS - The students are enjoying "Because of Winn Dixie". We have been focusing on cause and effect because there are many examples to choose from in this story. The students  have been working on a project to illustrate such examples. This week, we will hit upon the art of summarizing, learning to write a short version of what has happened in the story.
Spelling this week includes words that have the ou and ow spellings within a word. You may have noticed the spelling menu we sent home. These are activities that the students can do throughout the week to reinforce their ability to spell the words for the weekly test. We will use this method to for awhile
and see if it is helping the students remember their weekly words.
Our "Buzzword" this week is repulsive. Don't be offended, Moms, we are asking them to write about the most repulsive dish you have served at home. They are going to put their thoughts in letter form. This should prove to be an interesting task!
SOCIAL STUDIES - We are reviewing information we have learned from Chapter 2. There will be a Test on Thursday to assess their knowledge. Reviewing about the three branches of government, the idea of supply and demand and the factors of production will be covered on the test.