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It's official!  We've been named a 2018 National Blue Ribbon Exemplary High Performing School by the United States Department of Education!  See the news and announcements below for more information.
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Week of November 12

This week is the 8th grade Church Pilgrimage! Please make sure your child has turned in their permission slips and money.
6th Gr - We are beginning our discussion on Isaac's problems with sibling rivalry between his twin sons, Esau and Jacob!
7th Gr - We are preparing for a test over Chapter 6 - Jesus' Mission.
8th Gr - We look at how the Church is faith, worship and charity.

Week of October 29

This week is going to be quite busy! On Tuesday, the 8th graders will lead the school in the recitation of the Sorrowful Mysteries of the most Holy Rosary. It will begin at approximately 8:15 a.m. There will be no Mass on Wednesday because we will celebrate the Feast of All Saints' Day on Thursday (Nov 1). We will also remember the Feast of All Souls at Mass on Friday.

Week of October 22

8th Grade - Monday is review of Chapter 4 on Prayer. Test is Tuesday. We then begin the review of the Unit 1. We will revisit the Beatitudes and the Corporal Works of Mercy.
7th Grade - We are taking a close look at the Infancy Narratives this week and Mary's role in the Plan of Salvation.
6th Grade - We are reviewing Chapter 4, making notecards and practice quizzes to test each other. The test over Chapter 4 is Tuesday. We then will discuss Abraham.
This Friday, Fr. Chris will be in the house to offer Confession for the students during Religion classes. Talk to your children about the wonderful opportunity he is offering to them. I will review with all classes the procedure of the Sacrament as well as an examination of conscience.

Week of September 24

What a great way to start the week. We went on a Virtual Pilgrimage of Lourdes today! Ask your children about it!
Religion 8th - We are finishing up Chapter 2. Most of the students will take their Morning Offering Prayer Test on Tuesday...trying to accommodate those students shadowing at area high schools! Look for a Chapter 2 quiz at the end of the week. The 8th graders will be at Camp Kern on Wednesday. We will be praying for a successful  trip.
Religion 7th - We are finishing up Chapter 2 discussing ways to know Jesus better. Look for a quiz over this material by the end of the week.  Students should be ready to take their Morning Offering Prayer Test on Tuesday!
Religion 6th - We are finishing Chapter 2, taking a close look at how the Old Testament is arranged. Look for a quiz over this chapter at the end of the week. The students will have their Morning Offering Prayer Test on Tuesday!

Lourdes Virtual Pilgrimage!

How cool that each of our students received a vial of actual spring water from Lourdes. We heard the story of St. Bernadette this morning and touched pieces of rock from the very grotto where Mary appeared to her! Thank you to the 8th grade students who were asked to hold the rocks and bowls of Lourdes water!

Week of September 17

For all Religion classes: Your test over the Morning Offering Prayer will be next Tuesday, September 25.
8th Grade: Working on Chapter 2. We are discussing Sacred Tradition and Scripture. That includes a review of our Salvation History! Fr. Chris and Catherine Fasano will be in-house on Thursday to continue our discovery of what is happening in the Mass!
7th Grade: Spending time with St. Paul on the readings for Wednesday. (7B has Mass. Please come pray with us.)
6th Grade: We are concentrating on some vocabulary that will be necessary this year. They will have to know these terms. Making note cards would be beneficial. (See Chapter 2, pp 11-13)

Week of September 10

This week the 6th graders head to Camp Kern. We will keep them in our prayers! Here's what's happening:
8th - Quiz on Tuesday over Chapter 1. Intro to Chapter 2 and Fr. Chris and Catherine start on Thursday!
7th - Quiz on Tuesday over Chapter 1. Intro to Chapter 2.
6th - Quiz on Tuesday over Chapter 1. We will review material on Monday to aid in their study guide.

Week of September 4

I hope that everyone enjoyed their Labor Day weekend! What a great way to start the week...on a Tuesday!  I have asked Mrs. Jean Frey to come in to all my Religion classes this week to make rosaries with the students. This is her third year and I am impressed with the work she does with the Shepherds of Christ ministries in honor of Our Lady of Fatima! She retells the miracle of Fatima as the children make their rosaries. I love that all the children will end up with a beautiful rosary of their own! 
I am looking forward to meeting all of you on Thursday for our "Meet the Teacher" night. Festivities begin at 6:30 p.m.
Here's what is going on this week in Religion classes:
8th Grade: We are finishing Chapter 1, A Community of Disciples where we discussed the concept of Church and found in Scripture many images of Church. Your child should be completing the Mary Project. By Friday, they should be ready to turn in a written report about the title of Mary they were given, a picture of Mary that represents this title and give an oral presentation about the same title. 
7th Grade: The students are finishing up prayers that they wrote about/for Jesus. We are also finishing up Chapter 1, The Impact of Jesus where we identified who Jesus as Son of God, true God and true Man, and Savior. We will have a review of chapter and quiz on Friday.
6th Grade:  We are working on Chapter 1, The Bible Reveals God's Saving Love and should finish it by the end of the week. We will work the review and have a quiz either at the end of this week or early next week.

Week of August 27, 2018

Welcome back to the first FULL week of the 2017-18 school year here at SASEAS! So happy to see so many bright, shiny, familiar faces. We are off to a fantastic start. I love these new 6th about adapting well to their new environment!
Here's look at what we will be doing this week:
All Religion classes will be given the first prayer to memorize. It is the Morning Offering, found inside the front cover of their Religion book. They will be asked to know it and write it out by the last week in September. We will also be praying this prayer each day in class, so this should be an easy task.
6th Grade: We begin our year with an "I Am" project, which helps them understand God's invitation to become the person He created them to be! Most of the work will be in class.
7th Grade: We begin the year with a look at what part of our lives do we need to ask Jesus to help us live fully. We will discuss God's unconditional love for us and also look at who Jesus is.
8th Grade: We begin our year talking about what the Church actually is and look at different images of the Church that Christ gave us in Scripture. We will also begin our Mary Project by the end of the week.

Week of April 30

We are preparing for May Crowning on Friday, May 4th! Please, make plans to attend as we honor the Blessed Virgin Mary with the Holy Rosary, crowning and a special luncheon with moms, grandmothers, aunts and special friends! RSVP to Mrs. Clayton if you plan to attend the luncheon.
8th grade Religion: We finish up Unit 4. We will talk about the saints that were guided by the Holy Spirit in order to help the Church through some difficult times.
6th Grade Religion: We finish up Unit 4 and review for the week!
6th Grade Reading: We are working on reading the novel, Number the Stars. We will go over some of the themes presented in this book.

Week of April 10

I hope that your Easter break was very blessed! Here's what will be happening this week:
Religion: 8th Grade - We are looking at the history of the Church which includes the Council of Trent and many important saints that lived during this century.
Religion: 6th Grade - We take a look at the Kings of the Old Testament...Chapter 18. 
Reading: 6th Grade - We begin a new novel this week, Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. It is a Newbery Award winner and is a beautiful story of the friendship of two young girls during the German Occupation of Denmark. One of the girls is Jewish and the other is not. Such a great testament for all humanity!

Week of March 12

The Iowas of March have begun! This week we will be testing. Please make sure your child has a good night's sleep and a nutritious breakfast to get those neurons firing!
Religion - 8th grade - There is the Unit 3 exam on Monday and we start the second part of Church History beginning with the 14th century Western Schism and the Reformation. Later in the week we will get to Henry VIII and his pull from the Church.
Religion - 6th grade - We will finish our Jeopardy! game and use it to study for our Unit 3 test...looking at Tuesday or Wednesday. (Making it an open book test because of all the testing with Iowas) We move into the fourth Unit discovering the Judges role in Salvation History.
Reading - 6th grade - We continue our novel, The Watsons Go to Birmingham - 1963. A great look at the turbulent times in our country through the eyes of a ten year old African American boy and his family as they travel from Flint, Michigan to Birmingham, Alabama!

Week of March 5

We are entering the third week of Lent and planning a beautiful Adoration with Fr. Chris on Thursday. Each class will have a chance to spend time with Jesus in Eucharistic Adoration. Thank you for this opportunity, Fr. Chris!
Religion - 8th Grade - We finish are last chapter in Unit 3 The History of the Church: Part 1. Chapter 14 is a discussion of the problems of the Great Schism and the Crusades. They see how the Church continued to be a light for a dark world through the establishment of universities and the rise of the Mendicant Orders.
Religion - 6th Grade - We spend some time reviewing Unit 3. There's a big game planned to do the review and the test will be given Friday.
Reading - 6th Grade - We are currently reading The Watsons go to Birmingham - 1963 by Christopher Paul Curtis. The students are already picking up similarities in his writing style with a book we read earlier this year, Bud, Not Buddy.  

Week of February 12

We welcome the beginning of Lent on Wednesday, Ash Wednesday! All the Religion classes will be discussing ways to make better our relationship with Jesus.
Religion 8th Grade - We will be testing over Chapter 11 - The Apostolic Era and working on a project for a more deeper appreciation for Lent.
Religion 6th Grade - We are completing our project for Lent and discussing the purpose of Lent. We will also talk about the ways that our God loves us and forgives us. Chapter 14 talks about the power of being healed of our sins.
Reading 6th Grade - We are finishing up our novel, A Wrinkle in Time, and will be testing over the whole book. Looking for the test to be Thursday. We also began Unit 8 in Vocab Workshop. Please mark February 22 as the date the students should finish the work pages and February 23 (Friday) will be the test!