Week of February 12

We welcome the beginning of Lent on Wednesday, Ash Wednesday! All the Religion classes will be discussing ways to make better our relationship with Jesus.
Religion 8th Grade - We will be testing over Chapter 11 - The Apostolic Era and working on a project for a more deeper appreciation for Lent.
Religion 6th Grade - We are completing our project for Lent and discussing the purpose of Lent. We will also talk about the ways that our God loves us and forgives us. Chapter 14 talks about the power of being healed of our sins.
Reading 6th Grade - We are finishing up our novel, A Wrinkle in Time, and will be testing over the whole book. Looking for the test to be Thursday. We also began Unit 8 in Vocab Workshop. Please mark February 22 as the date the students should finish the work pages and February 23 (Friday) will be the test!