Week of January 7

Welcome back to all parents and students! Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and have started the new year in thanksgiving and hope! I have kept you all in my prayers and look forward to the second half of this school year! Just want to also take the time to, again, thank all of you for your prayers and very thoughtful gifts. I am humbled by your generosity!
Let's take a look at the week:
8th Grade: We start Chapter 10 and we are looking at what happened to our Church after Pentecost! We will be focusing on the Acts of the Apostles.
7th Grade: We are reviewing Chapter 8 and will have Fr. Chris and Catherine in our classes on Thursday as we take a close look at the Sacrament of Baptism. We will look at the signs and symbols of the sacrament while this is happening!
6th Grade: We will be reading about the Exodus, so that means we meet Moses! We will also take a closer look at the plagues of Egypt (Ew,gross!)