Week of Feb 25

A HUGE thank you goes out to Fr. Chris! Last Friday he spent the entire day at school hearing confessions. What a great gift to give the students of our school! Not everyone was able to get to Confession because of the time factor. Please know, parents, that our priests offer Confession times on the weekend if any child would like to go that didn't get the opportunity. 
Here's what will be happening this week:
All classes will be taking some reflection time as a pre-Lent activity has them taking a look at and praying for ways they can grow closer to Christ. 
8th Grade - They will have a quiz on Tuesday over Chapter 12. We will be looking at life in the Middle Ages and how saints, with the help of the Holy Spirit helped the Church grow stronger.
7th Grade - The students will have a test over Chapter 11 - Miracles of Jesus on Tuesday. We will take a quick look at the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Anointing of the Sick and taking a closer look at what makes Viaticum such a special gift to us.
6th Grade - The students will be testing over Chapter 12 on Monday. They were also given a worksheet (#39 - The Golden Rule in Action) that must be turned in when they take their test. We move into Chapter 13 where we read about the Israelites roaming in the desert for 40 years!