Week of August 31

This week 5A will be leading in our Mass on Wednesday. Please come join us. I enjoy the first full week of school because I get to know these children as fifth graders. It is fun for me to watch the transformation from kindergarten to now! They are ready to lead. They seem willing to work hard and enjoy each other. I am excited to be a part of their faith journey, too. Thank you for trusting me with your child. My job is to help you help your child get to Heaven and I take that job seriously! I promise to keep you in my prayers and am asking for your prayers in return. Please feel free to contact me if you should need anything.
This is what our week will look like:
Religion: We finished our first chapter about Jesus' ministry and working on how we are a part of this ministry now. We also assigned parts for the Mass. Pretty excited to have new leaders of the school at Mass for the first time! We also started our Prayer Jar in my class. The children can write who or what they want to pray for on a little piece of paper, fold it and put it in the jar. We remember these petitions during our noontime prayers.
Language Arts: We have our second WoW this week. The word is PERTURBED and the students will be writing about something that perturbs them. We have begun our first novel, From the Mixed-Up Files. Talking about the 'dated' vocabulary and looking at pics from the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is mentioned in our book. In our grammar exercises we are reviewing nouns.
Math: We have been testing and reviewing and finding strengths and weaknesses of our 5th graders. It is evident that they have been working this summer keeping up those math skills. We have been doing some one-digit divisors, working on accuracy in subtraction and addition and have thrown in some work with decimals already!
Science: We worked last Friday tracking the shadows of the sun (every half hour) and will be looking/discussing what this data means. We will start using the text more as we look more closely at the life of a star.