Week of September 8, 2015

Today we celebrated Mary's birthday with a little treat! 
Religion: We finished chapter 2 and are working on the review of vocabulary and concepts. We jump all the way to chapter 19 where the book discusses Mary's role in salvation history and in our Church today!
Language Arts: We are working on spelling patterns for long i and in Unit 3. The WoW word is MYRIAD and the prompt is: Can you think of a myriad of reasons you should have 5 extra minutes of recess? OR Can you think of a myriad of reasons you shouldn't have to take out the garbage?
Math: We are working to identify prime and composite numbers right now...moving in to factoring of numbers. 
Science: We have been identifying vocabulary for the relationship between the sun, earth and the moon.
Do not forget to turn in your permission slip for our field trip next week to the Cincinnati Observatory! If you wish to be a chaperone, remember that you must be current with your Virtus training! Thank you!