Week of September 14

This week begins with an early dismissal so that the teachers can get to together to have some professional development!
Religion:  We are working on our study of Mary. (That would be Chapter 19 in our textbook). We start with the Annunciation, Mary's YES to God and how we are asked to say 'yes' to God in our everyday lives.
Language Arts:  We introduce Unit 4 in Spelling and our WoW  is PEDESTRIAN. Their prompt for pedestrian asks the student to write about the most nonpedestrian thing that s/he has done. We are reading From the Mixed-Up Files discussing protagonist and antagonist for this novel. We continue our study of nouns, also.
Math: We are working on factors, prime and composite numbers. We are also studying square numbers. The children have been using mobymax.com in the classroom and can now use this tool at home. Please encourage your child to practice their math facts and even using this tool as a way to do it! The children can also work on math applications on this website.
Science: We are continuing our study on the sun, moon and earth. We will be off to the Observatory of Cincinnati on Thursday, Sept. 17th. We will be leaving the campus at 9:15 a.m. and return by 11:50, in time for recess and lunch. The children will be in uniform for this fieldtrip!