Week of September 21, 2015

What a great week for Catholics! Our Pope is coming to the United States and we are going to experience some "firsts"! It will be the first time that a saint will be canonized on American soil. It is Blessed Juniper Serra, who was responsible for setting up many missions along the California coastline. Pope Francis will also address the whole Congress while he is in Washington, D.C. This is a first. He will travel to New York to address the United Nations and pray at the memorial for all the victims of 9/11. Then, on to Philadelphia to participate in the Conference on Families. 
Please take time to discuss (and maybe even watch) some of these historic events with your children. And pray. Pray for our Holy Father...for his safety and for his message!
Religion: We are going to try to catch some of the televised events following Pope Francis on EWTN. We are still discussing our chapter over Mary and doing activies connecting the two.
Language Arts: We move into Unit 5 in Spelling and our WoW is ARDUOUS. The prompt has the students writing about something that is arduous for them to do. We continue to read our novel, From the Mixed-Up Files as we look at comparing characters and character development.
Math: We move into our estimation of addition and subtraction of decimals chapter.
Science: We are going to take a look at the stages of a star.