Week of September 28, 2015

This week we have Everybody Counts on Thursday. I love this program. It helps the children see that even though people have physical differences or have learning disabilities, we are all the same in God's eyes! The 5th grade has some challenging exercises that help them to empathize with children who have learning disabilities.
Religion: We present the Litany to the Blessed Virgin Mary to emphasize some of the ways the Church honors Mary. The students will be given one of Mary's titles and then hunt for a picture that represents the title. They will also have to write a little blurb about why they chose the picture they chose.
Language Arts: We are working with the spelling patterns of vowels + r in Unit 6. Our WoW this week is IMPECCABLE and the blurb is asking the kids to write about some food they think tastes impeccable.
Math: We are working on adding and subtracting with numbers that have decimals.
Science: The students are finishing with our first chapter on what we find in our solar system and the vocabulary that we have been introduced to.