Week of October 5, 2015

This is going to be a very busy week! We have Pajama Day tomorrow (Tuesday, October 6th) and electronic day. The kids know pajamas need to be decent and games need to be age appropriate. 
Religion: We are finishing our chapter on Mary. The children are choosing a picture to go with their title for Mary and writing why they chose the picture they chose and those will be hung on our Mary Wall by the 5th grade rooms.
Language Arts: We are working on more vowel + r spelling combinations in Unit 7 and our WoW word for this week is SERPENTINE. The prompt is: write about three animals that move in a serpentine manner and explain why they do it. We will be starting our novel, Hatchet, this week.
Math: The students are working a little probability problem in class and we continue to work with decimals.
Science: The students are working out some experiments to test the rays of the sun. We are trying to figure out a uniform process that scientists might use!