Week of October 12, 2015

Because 5A did such a fantastic job collection for the Run4Fun fundraiser, they have been awarded a Donut Day every Tuesday for the next four weeks. What does that mean? That Mrs. Voto is supplying the donuts and the kids are permitted to bring a morning beverage! We will be breakfasting while we work! A big THANK YOU to all who were so generous during our fundraiser.
Remember that this week, we are off on Friday and next Monday.
Religion: We are beginning chapter 3 in our book (we skipped to the Mary chapter(19) and finished it and now are back! It is the chapter that does an overview of the Sacraments. We will be praying the Rosary this Wednesday as a whole school. Remind your children to bring their rosaries.
Language Arts: We begin Spelling Unit 8 - Homophones and our WoW word this week is: HERPETOLOGY. Your writing prompt for this week: There are some little frogs that live in South America that are so poisonous that just touching one is enough to make a human ill. How could a herpetologist learn about these frogs without harming himself or herself? Do you think herpetologists ever eat frog legs? We have begun our novel, Hatchet, and the children have picked up some of the tools that Gary Paulson has used to stress things that are important to the story. 
MathVoto: We are shifting into traditional math with multiplication of two digit numbers by a two digit number. We are also throwing in decimals as we go. The children are beginning to see the need for estimation to check their answers.
Science: We are looking at the formation of a star, including our own sun and taking a look at what kind of energy is being used by earth.