Week of October 26, 2015

Can you believe that it is the last week of October? Hope you have given some time to praying the Rosary with your family. If not, there is still time! Don't forget that All Hallow's Eve is this week. (I know, like you would need a reminder for that!?!) Please be safe.
Religion: This week in Religion, we continue our study of Baptism taking a closer look at Scripture and the different baptisms that have been recorded. It signals the importance of this Sacrament of Initiation! We will be making Baptism cubes that include the day in which we were baptized.
Language Arts: We will look at Unit 9 in Spelling and DESIST is our Wow word. The prompt would ask students to write about ways you could convince people to desist from touching jellyfish or chasing skunks.
Math: We will be working on long division with a one-digit divisor. It is the last concept we work on before the Chapter 2 test. We might be taking that on Friday...or next week (Tuesday).
Science: We are working to finish our unit on the sun and light. Moving into a unit on variables.